BaQers Roundtable

redpilling since 2017

Rusty and Rabbit17 are part of the founding members of The BaQery, featuring IG accounts like @worstpilled2.0 ,@NatlyDenise3.0, Redpillbabe and the rest of the BaQery crew.

Rusty is an All American Patriot from South Wisconsin.

Rabbit17 is a graphic artist from Venice California. Collectively our following was in the hundreds of thousands and our reach was in the millions. Together we work together to share suppressed information and expose fake news via our research, transparent reporting and meme magic.

As the the tech overlords sought to silence us, censor us and label us as "conspiracy theorists" our voices have never been more important than now to continue the fight against the efforts to reach the everyday person, thirsty for unbiased information not manufactured by the propaganda arm of the deep state.

As we recover from the the losses brought on by the technocrat bs - we continue to adapt and evolve. We found ourselves having to step out of our comfort zones to develop our new podcast

The BaQers Roundtable, a weekly podcast where we are free to discuss anything challenging the mockingbird media. Check us out every Saturday @ 3pm on