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Instagram restricting access to my linktreee

In an effort to supress access to support me or simply have acess to the information i provide - instagram is blocking my ability to add my link tree.

Lol the suppression is R E A L

And annoying buuuuut

Im just gonna post it here.

Which is why it's super important you guys connect and share here.


I'll work on making a page for it today :)

Stay tuned.

The ways of suppresion and acts of intimidation

  1. Killed my original website rabbit17.com

  2. Killed my account of 45k followers on Instagram

  3. Killed my account with 11k

  4. Killed my account with 5k

  5. Killed 5 more backups

  6. Patreon was taken away

  7. Etsy products censored

  8. Teepublic censored my designs and products

  9. Teespring censored my designs and products

  10. Thebaqery.com is censored so my articles cant be shared.

  11. My building was set on fire

  12. My Mother was physically attacked with paintballs as a warning to me.

If u can spare it pls donate via

cashapp https://cash.app/$rabbit7eventeen

or paypal Whiterabbitseventeen@gmail.com



or snail mail to


p.o box 661430

Los Angeles ca 90066

Thank you all for ur kindness and support

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